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To delete a space, hover your cursor over its thumbnail and click the X button. You can also drag a thumbnail to reorder your Spaces. Tip: Assign a different desktop background to each space to easily keep track of your desktops. You don't have to enter Mission Control every time you want to switch between Spaces.

There are two easier ways: swipe sideways on the trackpad with three or four fingers depending on how you set up gestures. For the keyboard enthusiasts among us, you can press the Control key and either sideways arrow key, or you can choose a space by hitting Control and a number key -- that is, Control-1 to go to your first space, Control-2 for your second, and so on.

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How to Wallpaper Dual Screens of Different Sizes on a Mac

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How to Work Faster & More Efficiently on a Mac

By Matt Elliott. Navigating and managing Spaces You don't have to enter Mission Control every time you want to switch between Spaces. To really embed Spaces into your workflow, use these tips: To move an app or window to a different Space, enter Mission Control and drag the window into the desired Space.

I have one desktop dedicated to two Google Chrome windows, side-by-side for editing, writing and researching.

Switch Between Desktop Spaces Faster in Mac OS X with Control Keys

You can have as many as 16 desktops at any one time which is probably excessive and you can use them however you like. When you click this button you will see another desktop is added to the list, and clicking on it will take you straight to it. After a brief pause OS X will skip to the next desktop, if it exists. There are a few more handy tips that can make navigating and using applications with multiple desktops even easier. Do you use Mission Control a lot to organise your desktop as you open more apps? In order to restore defaults, simply paste the following into the command line:.

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Of course, you also have third-party apps to enhance multitasking on your Mac. Wish you could work on more proper desktops? Check out how to use Apple Remote Desktop to manage multiple machines. Organization is key to a productive workspace, so you might also check out ways to automatically delete downloads on your Mac for a cleaner machine.

Try implementing some of these small but useful changes to save you a few minutes. Read More? Your email address will not be published.

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I was wondering if there was a way I could create new workspaces via Terminal. I find myself constantly needing to break out a new workspace with a specific set of applications. My ultimate goal would be to issue a single command and spin up a workspace with all the applications I need there, and collapse it when I'm done.

An interesting request! I've asked a few fellow writers if they know of any ways of accomplishing this since I've turned up a blank. If we can make it work, we'll write about it! Is there a way to set different kind of display settings per multiple desktop on MBPr? As I have need for mail to be fe. Hey Tim, Great post. Is it possible to permanently pin specific documents to a desktop space?

So for example lets I turn on my computer and open two documents and add both of them to the same desktop space. Right now when I shut off my computer I lose that space and the next day I have to repeat the process. I need help for a very annoying problem. I use dual monitors and 4 desktops This gives 2x4 desktops each desktop has its background picture different from the other desktop. Anyone can help me please??? It is basically putting the desktops in the order you use them most, which is why you see them change a lot. I have a question.

Just found out about this multiple desktop today. Is it possible to have one regular desktop with all my regular icons on it, and a 2nd desktop that has no icons at all?

Basically have two totally different desktops. However, when I hover over the small desktops in mission control, the X does not appear. Does that make sense? Quite annoying! But what about folders? Great article! I've liked using multiple desktops ever since I found out about them. One problem I've had with them, that has become more common recently, is when I use the finger swipe to change to a desktop with adobe reader open on it, it will immediately go back to the desktop I was on before.

If I swipe back a second time it will stay but it is annoying to always have to change over twice. Has anyone else experienced this or have any ideas as to why this happens?

Mission Control

I've certainly had this issue before but never with Adobe Reader probably as I don't use it. I've definitely seen this happen with web pages trying to steal focus, except generally the browser will keep "stealing" focus for as long as you leave the tab open. It can be really annoying, and a setting to stop this happening at all would be nice. Every connection and disconnection randomly scatters the workspaces and all the applications everywhere. I also use Parallels for Win7 Ent and Win WIn 7 is in Coherence mode so the appliccation windows float on Mac desktop.

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I just wish this was easier to manage with consistancy. I'm looking for something like this, also. I have a MBP and a big external display that I use at the office. I would like my windows to be in the same places when I connect my external display that they were in the last time it was connected obviously, they can't be in the same place when it's disconnected I remember seeing a utility to do this once it was commercial software , but I can't remember where I saw it.

How to add more desktop spaces | Macworld

One thing that might help you is to turn off the automatic jumbling of desktops. I don't know why you would ever want that. I also have "Displays have separate Spaces" turned on, which might or might not help and might be contributing to my issues as the spaces associated with the external display go away when it's disconnected and all those windows have to go somewhere. Found it. It was called "Stay". For example, I open two separate internet windows and I want one to stay in one desktop while I put the second in another. So that if my computer were to shut down for whatever reason, when I turn it back on, the windows will still be in their assigned spaces?

This should work fine, I do it with two Chrome windows pinned side-by-side on one desktop and a Safari window on the other. I also restrict Photoshop and other heavyweight apps to open on desktop 5 so they're out of the way. Assign your windows to the desktops you would like to keep them on permanently, create any extra desktops you need. You'll have to visit each app individually in order to this, as you can't assign a window to a desktop you're not currently using.

You're missing the point I want one of them on Desktop 1 and one of them on Desktop 3. I can't assign the app to a specific desktop because then both of them would have to be on the same desktop they're the same app. In your scenario, you have Chrome on one desktop and Safari on a different one. Two different apps. There's very little you can do to circumvent this, besides dragging windows to their rightful place each time you restart.