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When you open the app, a tiny window will appear that presents an image of the area your mouse is hovering over, along with the corresponding RGB color code. Drag the Aperture size slider to change how large of an area this selects. Next to this is a dropdown menu. Clicking the View option on the top of your screen and mousing over Display Values gives you the option to switch between hexadecimals and percentages.

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You can quickly master this tool just by learning a couple of shortcuts. This will let you zero in on one specific color. You can then paste the swatch into TextEdit and save it on your computer. You can paste these values in TextEdit and save them as well.

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  • You can download ColorSlurp for free from the App Store. Clicking the eyedropper icon at the top-right corner of the window brings out your magnifier, which you can move with your arrow keys or mouse. What makes ColorSlurp more advanced than Digital Color Meter is its ability to create color collections. See several colors you like? It might seem easy enough to pick a handful of colors that look good together, but as any designer who has spent hours tweaking shades will tell you: it's tricky.

    Read More. Colorslurp allows you to copy a color to the format of your choice. Conversely, taking a color from your clipboard and pasting it into ColorSlurp also lets you switch formats.

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    For even more features, you can upgrade to ColorSlurp Pro. This version is perfect for color gurus who need access to 20 color formats, swatch history, and other advanced settings. Download: ColorSlurp Free, premium version available. Skala Color is a bit different from other color-picking apps in that it only opens within other applications. Luckily, most software supports it. For example, if you want to use Skala Color in TextEdit, you have to open it from the menu bar.

    The app allows you to change saturation and brightness with a single drag, or alter hues with a bit of toggling. If you want to copy a specific color to your clipboard, simply click the clipboard icon. To change the format of the copied color, hit the gear icon and select Copy As to display different formatting options. The Sip color picker sits right on your menu bar for effortless access.


    Clicking the icon turns your cursor into a magnifier that you use to select a color on your screen. That dropdown menu contains a few different tools. Last but not least, a button placed on the bottom of the Web Snapper main window enables you to generate multipage PDF documents. Web Snapper is a nice tool to have around whenever you need to capture screenshots for websites that are featuring scrollable content. This way you can have a complete view upon any webpage and share the whole picture with others in a matter of seconds.

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