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Capture clips that can easily be color graded to match different cinematic styles from various sources and genres, including 35mm film.

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Exploit a far greater dynamic color range when shooting in difficult lighting conditions. Technicolor Cinestyle Profile.

The CineStyle Profile was created by Technicolor color scientists and engineers. Why was CineStyle Profile developed? How does CineStyle Profile help the cinematographer? Answer by drfrogsplat to use gphoto2 is better than the accepted answer to use file number. When I investigated gphoto2 over seven years ago now!

Which Canon DSLR’s can do RAW with Magic Lantern? [Updated November 11th ’13]

Things do change in software over time This isn't a very reliable method since it assumes a the counter hasn't been reset and b there haven't been more than 9, photos. I'm aware of this, but wanted a better estimate of the actuation count because I expect that 1 over time the discrepancy between this and the true value might grow, especially if the counter is ever reset, and 2 I have noticed that in some circumstances the counter does not advance.

For example, it won't change when connected to a PC for remote shooting even if you press the shutter button on the camera itself.

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I know its not an accurate test, but it would give you a ballpark number. Regarding tethered use, I guess it makes sense that it wouldn't update the image counter. If you've used it tethered, its probably a bad idea to use the in-camera counter.

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I would guess that opening the shutter for cleaning also doesn't get counted in the image counter, so if you've done that, it would also throw off the count. I'm accepting this response, which has stood for over a week, as indicating that the answer to my question is "no. It has the D listed, but highlighted in red and crossed out. FYI i've checked through more of the source code which specifically mentions shutter count for the D and 60D no sign of the D or D yet, presumably as both are very new Also appears to work for the D.

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Andres Andres 2, 8 8 gold badges 38 38 silver badges 70 70 bronze badges. Great tip, thanks. However, extensive warnings like "this software can damage or destroy your camera" suggest that using this software merely to obtain an actuation count presents a high risk:reward ratio Don't worry, the number of cameras bricked by ML is zero. They use that disclaimer because no one can give you warranty with this piece of software. Also, you will gain a lot of cool features besides the shutter counter.

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I've been using it every day for the past year with absolutely no problems whatsoever. I'm using it since december of and still no issues at all. Even tried experimental versions and no problems still! In case anyone stumbles across this like me: After installing magic lantern on a flash card, installing it easy as pie and safe! Snapper Jersey Snapper Jersey 21 1 1 bronze badge. Konstantin Pavlikhin Konstantin Pavlikhin 6 6 bronze badges.

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It looks great, thanks. Read more Canon D set to be minor update. A lot of bullshit surrounds the DSLR community and a lot of talk, but so what?

Canon shutter count

Comment on the forum There are 3 performance classes of Canon camera for raw video. If ever there was a spur to get out and shoot something, this is it… Read more Kendy Ty and the T2i — one guy doing amazing things with a 5 year old DSLR. Next month sees the possible unveiling of the D.