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Android IDE and SDK

For example, when the SDK Tools are updated or a new version of the Android platform is released, you can use the SDK Manager to quickly download them to your environment. Simply follow the procedures described in Adding Platforms and Packages. There are several different packages available for the Android SDK. The table below describes most of the available packages and where they're located once you download them. Download Quick Facts What's New. Last updated:. October 30, User rating:.

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Found a bad link? Help us by reporting it. Added a comment to explain that. When creating an AVD with avdmanager, it is no longer necessary to specify --tag if the package specified by --package only contains a single image as is the case for all images currently distributed by Google.

Android SDK Tools

Add --fastdeploy option to adb install, for incremental updates to APKs while developing. Available Packages: SDK Tools Contains tools for debugging and testing, plus other utilities that are required to develop an app. If you've just installed the SDK starter package, then you already have the latest version of this package.

Make sure you keep this up to date. SDK Platform-tools Contains platform-dependent tools for developing and debugging your application. These tools support the latest features of the Android platform and are typically updated only when a new platform becomes available. These tools are always backward compatible with older platforms, but you must be sure that you have the latest version of these tools when you install a new SDK platform.

This will help fetch them into your PATH and make computing a lot easier. For example, to run the ADB command, you will either need to type and provide the complete path — i. For these directions to work as written, you will have to have extracted and renamed the SDK download folder as mentioned above, and to the correct location for this tutorial.

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It will look something like this:. In case you have versions of Windows, refer to the documentation that came with your computer for assistance on setting the PATH. Doing so is easy, and is all done in one file.

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In your Home folder is a file named. Open it with any text editor.

Java and Android SDK Command Line Tools Setup For Linux

You must not touch the. You may see a blank file, or it may be full of other information. It will probably exist and have multiple entries. Save the file, and close the terminal window. Open a new instance of the terminal and type the given command:.

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Concluding, you should now have a working set of Android command line tools and must be able to do things like flash the latest factory images or manually update your phone with a zip file. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Android How To. How to add hourly Taptic Chime alerts to Apple Watch. Please enter your comment! Please enter your name here.

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