Mac pro cinema display won turn on

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I no longer have the monitor, but as I recall, there is no activity on the monitor without a video signal, not even the power LED lights up. Mine on a couple of occasions refused to display an image when the USB or FireWire cables were simply plugged in Resetting all the power related items resolved this strange issue I even tried a new power supply with no change I have changed out all of the capacitors on the main board and inverter board.

So far I'm wondering if the inverter board is being driven by the main board at all. That's why I need the pin out voltages of the 14 pin cable running between those two devices. The resolution is correct and the monitor settings can be changed and configured but the screen is completely black. If anyone has a working 30" Cinema Display can you please tell me what is on screen when you power it off, unplug everything but power, and then turn it back on?

I'm trying to see if there is a "no signal" message or any other indication that the monitor is working. John Kotches macrumors You have eliminated the computer as the issue already, right? Last edited: May 11, Hey, yes I have.

This darn panel just won't light up. The computer detects it and I can adjust settings but the panel is completely black. Can you see any image on it if you shine a bright flashlight on it in an area you would expect to have image? Perhaps the backlight power supply is not working to power up the fluorescent light tubes, causing no image to be seen even though the display panel is working normally. There is no image on the screen at all. I shines a high powered light on the TFT and still nothing. I'm wondering which of the three circuit boards is at fault.

I've changed all capacitors on every board so it's ready for electrical flow but i suppose it's another piece. I'm still looking for the pin out of the cable between the main board and inverter board. That way I can meter the ends to see just what is coming across. I have purchased another cinema display with a busted screen off ebay.

Basics first

When it comes in I'm going to swap parts and hopefully that will solve the issue. The new panel is fully functioning except for the enormous crack in the front. Can't wait to see which part is the problematic one.

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Hopefully this ordeal helps anyone else in a similar situation. The first method assumes you're able to start your Mac using another startup drive or an install DVD. You can use the second method if you don't have access to another startup device. Boot your Mac from another startup device. You can do this by starting your Mac and holding down the option key. A list of available startup devices will display. Select a device and your Mac will use it to finish booting. Once your Mac displays the desktop, we're ready to correct the permissions problem.

Enter the following command in Terminal. Note that there are quotes around the startup drive's path name. This is necessary to ensure that if the drive name contains any special characters, including a space, that it will work with the command. Be sure to replace startupdrive with the name of the startup drive that is having problems:. You will be asked to provide your administrator password.

Enter the information and press enter or return. If you don't have another startup device to use, you can still change the startup drive's permissions by using the special single-user startup mode. Continue to hold both keys down until you see a few lines of scrolling text on your display. It will look like an old-fashioned computer terminal. If you still have problems, try repairing the startup drive using the methods described earlier in this article. Share Pin Email. Tom Nelson has written hundreds of articles, tutorials, and reviews for Other World Computing and About. Best of luck, update back when you have a resolution!

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Thank you for your suggestion! No water damage.

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  8. All the best! Tried all of it for few hours and non worked : Still showed a grey screen. Only difference is when I tried connecting the macbook pro with an extended display, the apple logo and progressing bar showed up. Anyone might know whats the problem or have any solutions? Turned on my Mac, black screen of confusion ensued.

    Found this website, tried all three to no avail. The first step worked. I guess I should have started with it plugged in like the directions said.

    Troubleshooting Mac Problems: Stuck at the Blue or Black Screen

    Thanks for the help!! Pls help!!! I need it for work!!! Help me pls!!! Update: got the second boot chime through the PRAM reset, but it still has the illuminated black screen.

    macbook pro turns on but screen stays black — my solution – Code Chi

    I tried the PRAM reset and the second boot chime never happens. The screen is completely black but it still is illuminated and the brightness keys work for it. This happened after waking from sleep mode to a frozen screen, which just went dark when I rebooted it. Another option would be attempt to use an external screen, like a TV or a monitor, if you have the cable to connect it to another display.

    Sometimes that works. May be a trip to the Apple Store to have them run a diagnostics test on it, there is a small chance of GPU failure or hard drive going bad.

    Same happens after shutting down. When I came home after school this black screen happened. Every once and a while I on the bottom of the screen I get a little white line flashing. Is there another way? When using an external display via the the Thunder cable, I was able to see the login options, my account and guest account. When I typed in my password it started to load. I tried logging into the guest account and it was the same thing.

    macbook pro turns on but screen stays black — my solution

    I was using the computer yesterday, opened it today and black screen of death. Any suggestions? I had reoccurring issues every couple of weeks with these symptoms and related startup issues. Thanks for the help — this was awesome. I have tried every single thing known to man and still have the same issue. No apple lit up and screens not coming on…. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

    I reset the SMC — the first option and all is well again. Much appreciated. None of these seemed to help. When I connected an external monitor to the hdmi port with the MBP already booted up nothing changed. But when booted with the external monitor already on and connected, the external display worked perfectly. Maybe this was just a coincidence but I thought I would mention it in case it might help someone else. I also changed the setting for the screensaver to run continuuously.