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Mission Services. Training and Simulation. People and technology have the power to solve the most complex problems and advance business outcomes. Join our Team. Alliance Partnerships. GDIT believes in building shared vision and next-generation partnerships with companies that enhance our information technology services and solutions. However CCO had established itself as a pioneer at connecting businesses to the Internet.

It was in that CCO joined forces with Inacomp Computer Center out of Troy Michigan and became an independent franchise operation of this predominantly Great Lakes and East Coast computer hardware and software national reseller and service organization. The Inacom Oakland Era While surfing in San Diego in , Rand ran in to a guy who was a great surfer but also happened to be the head of contracts and procurement for Sprint Communications who was on vacation from Kansas City. Because of its much publicized "win" with Sprint Communications, soon afterward CCO was awarded the worldwide product sales contract with Levi Strauss.

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From to , Inacom Oakland was splashed on the front cover of magazines like Computer Reseller News, VAR Magazine, Fortune, and Businessweek with its phenomenal success as a global product reseller. It was during this time that Microsoft re-entered the marketplace with a replacement to LanManager with a new product called Windows NT version 3.

When Microsoft talked about a new messaging system called Exchange, Rand, Chris, and Sophie went to Redmond to learn how this new email system might work although even the developers couldn't get the product to work in the training lab, but we saw "hope" for this product and stuck with it for another couple years until Exchange v4.

Being the first Microsoft Exchange experienced provider in the country, Rand and Chris conducted the first seminar in Northern California on Microsoft Exchange in to over attendees.

A Bit of our History...

This was the start of our monthly seminars to the public. For the next two years, Rand and Chris were flying around the world speaking at conferences and conventions on Microsoft Exchange, and in Rand was contracted by McGraw-Hill Publishing to write his first published book with Chris as the contracted technical editor. Between and , Rand was working with a number of his international public speaking tour colleagues and started to speak on this brand new things called the World Wide Web.

Rand's flagship keynote address demonstrated the way we've been using the Internet for the past decade using tools like gopher and finger, and contrasted it with new www-based "web pages.

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Two years later, Rand had updated his keynote presentation deck to include screenshots of some pioneer startups on the Web like this tiny company with a funny name called Amazon. In , during one of his keynote addresses to the Federal government, Rand was in the speaker ready room talking with another presenter for the conference, Vice President Al Gore.

Over the next few months, Rand carried on several conversations with the Vice President on the Web as well as another looming topic called Y2K. Rand was asked to be 1 of 12 advisors to the White House on Y2K and spent the last few years of the millennium working with the Federal government as well as government agencies across the country and around the world understand Y2K Rand's stance was that Y2K wasn't going to cause the world to end, and that companies just had to understand and prepare for the impact, so Rand's voice countered most of his counterparts in that Rand felt less needed to be done than more around preparedness.

Rand held his breath as January 1, rolled along and no airplanes fell out of the sky, and the power grid didn't crash confirming what he was advising the President and other government and corporate leaders around the globe.

The Change to Convergent Computing In , Convergent Computing had clearly shifted away from being a product sales organization so its ties and interworkings with Inacom Corporation were greatly diminishing. Inacom Oakland made the change to establish its own name in the marketplace and became Convergent Computing. With past successes with book writing, public speaking awareness, business development generated by seminars, and strong key vendor relationships, Convergent Computing also known as CCO today continues it's successful business practices.

Our History - In Business Since 1986!

With an extensive history with Microsoft, CCO worked with all of Microsoft's technologies years before their release. Not only having access to beta code for things like Windows or Exchange or SQL years before the product releases, but actually helping customers implement these technologies in full production environments upwards of a year to months before the product release.

By having months and months of early adopter experience, CCO's consultants knew the products better than anyone else in the world and wrote and continues to write dozens of bestselling books on topics with the book titles releasing at the same time the product is released to the public. And just as a new product is released out of Redmond, CCO is already working on the next release, so the consultants at CCO already have a sneak peek at what's coming up over the next years.

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As CCO has grown both in size as well as in it's level of expertise from its competitive advantage in working with technologies years in advance, CCO's top consultants have become experts in their own rights. Along with a couple dozen Senior Consultants that work directly with the partners, CCO's breadth and depth of expertise sets CCO apart from other consulting firms.

In fact it's not unusual for Rand to be presenting the latest in Microsoft technologies from his Apple Mac Laptop, or driving a PowerPoint presentation on Microsoft's cloud technologies from an Android Tablet