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Application Preferences. Working with Preference Files. Chapter 3: Subjugating Startup and Leveraging Login. Choosing a Startup Volume or System.

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Customizing the Boot Panel. The Login Process. Stopping and Restarting Startup Processes. Special Startup Options.

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Chapter 4: Installations, Inc. Installation Basics. Installing Third-Party Software. Uninstalling Software. File Basics. Finder Preferences and View Options. The Desktop and the Desktop Folder.

Customize your Mac Dock

File and Folder Finesse. Super Saving and Opening. Chapter 6: Developing a Dynamite Dock.

macOS: Reset Launchpad Apps Order

Using and Abusing the Dock. Accessorizing Your Dock. Alternatives to the Stock Dock. Chapter 7: Apple-ication Aptitude. Applications Basic Application Troubleshooting. Chapter 8: Clobbering Classic. A Quick Primer on the Classic Environment. The Classic System Preferences. Optimizing Classic. Using Classic.

What to do when OSX’s Menubar, Finder or Dock Crashes

Classic Trouble. Chapter 9: Networking Notables and Internet Illuminations. Network Basics. Internet and Networking Setup Subtleties. Better Browsing Basics. Chapter Stellar Sharing Strategies.

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Sharing Files Locally: Bluetooth. Sharing Remotely: iDisk. Sharing Remotely: Personal File Sharing. Sharing Remotely: FTP. Sharing Remotely: Personal Web Sharing.

How To Reset MAc OS X Dock To Factory Defaults

Quick Access to Sharing Services. Chapter Connection Convenience and Remote Control. Connecting to Frequently Accessed Servers and Shares. Remote Access and Control. Chapter Printing Practicalities. Printing Basics. Supporting Unsupported Printers.

Sharing Your Printer. Printing Pointers. Tap enter to open Terminal.

How to fix a disappearing Dock on Mac

Step 6. Press the r eturn button on the keyboard to execute the command. They will not disappear until you either uninstall or reinstall them. Now that the newest operating system OS X Yosemite has been released, you have a good reason to reset your dock as new. Loaded with some of the most user-friendly features like that of Handoff, it will let you experience technology in a new way. Dhvanesh Adhiya. Test this and see if the problem persists:.

Fonts:- You can remove any of the fonts you've installed yourself to see if this makes a difference.

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  • How To Reset MAc OS X Dock To Factory Defaults.

Kernel Extensions:- You can open Terminal found within your Utilites folder and enter the following command:. The above command will list 3rd party kernel extensions you may need to stretch the Terminal window so it's easier to read. Look for anything you don't remember installing, or something that belongs to software you've removed, or just anything that looks out of place.

Remember though, this is a list of 3rd party kernel extensions and therefore any of them could be causing the problem. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. Dock restarting continuously after High Sierra update Ask Question. Any idea about how can I fix this? Adrian Alejandre. Adrian Alejandre Adrian Alejandre 18 4 4 bronze badges. You can let go of the option key now. Go to the Preferences folder i.

Take a note of what happens i. Test this and see if the problem persists: If the problem goes away you know one or more of the Login items were causing the problem. You can then add them back in one by one until you've identified the culprit.