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I've been doing that for a long time, and that may be the reason for good performance under XP.

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Jeff Atwood has a blog entry about this topic. I run Visual Studio on a Mac via the Parallels desktop and it works perfectly. Lots of people are talking about Parallels and VMWare Fusion, but I didn't see any mention of the other methods I've used to good effect. This has the advantage of minimal overhead on the Mac, so is more responsive than a VM.


However, it has the obvious disadvantage of requiring a second machine running Windows and Visual Studio. If you're running Windows Server , as a bonus you can run RemoteApp to share just Visual Studio to your mac - very convenient. Parallels tended to drive my CPU harder than the other two but the actual VM responsiveness was fine. VirtualBox also has Seamless mode, essentially similar to Parallel's Coherence mode, but less integrated into the Desktop. I use this every day to run a Windows-only application on my Mac and it works great, sharing only the window for that application instead of running a full Windows desktop.

Boot Camp - depending on your needs, running Boot Camp with Windows installed as a dual-boot OS will of course offer the best performance but with the downside of running Windows ;. Yes it does, using VMWare Fusion. It works quite well, actually; the Unity feature allows you to treat Visual Studio in its own Mac window. However, you will need a current version of OS X I generally install with BootCamp because that lets you boot into "native" Windows if you need more "umph" or if you want to game , and the more recent versions of VMWare and Parallels both allow booting the VM directly from the BootCamp partition.

I have tried it using Parallels and found it to be very slow at times. Using BootCamp it is a dream though apart from having to reboot if you want to use OSx.

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I would recommend the BootCamp route. I think it's the bees knees. Mac may make crappy dirty hippie software but they make some rockin hardware. Virtualization is the only way I know. If you want to do. The performance is very satisfying overall, but seems sluggish when I open or compile large C projects.

I am using visual studio It definitely works using VMware or Parallels. I've used it in both and it worked far better in VMware Fusion. Things to keep in mind:.

The tradeoff is whether you want faster compiles or more fan noise. If I need the power, the VM gets to virtualize both cores, then studio becomes much zippier. However, it tends to annoy the fans. I used Parallels Desktop 3. It worked well. You can not only run the development environment of your choice, but setup test sandboxes to deploy and view your application through. I have a crusty XP install running IE6 just to make sure that my applications are passable by its poor standards. I'm using a 2. Sadly, another hard drive is not an option and if I were to get an external hard drive, I'm not sure why I wouldn't just go back to a Windows laptop that doesn't need extra hardware.

Others seem to have had a good experience with this set up though so I'm going to continue to tweak my settings. So far I'm kinda regretting having bought a Mac but not quite enough yet to take the financial hit of selling it on eBay. I have not tried any of the stuff mentioned above but from what I have read, it seems VMware Fusion seems to be the most preferred option by many. I thought Parallels and Fusion kinda sucked for development. Bootcamp is pretty good though, just no native drivers to read the Mac partition of the hard drive.

Also the windows 7 drivers are still lacking, the trackpad does not work.

The Ultimate Guide to Using Visual Studio on a Mac

Still better than OSX. We now integrate with Microsoft Teams, helping you to connect your internal knowledge base with your chat. Learn more. Run the following command to install the sql-cli command line tool. This tool allows you to run queries and other commands against your SQL Server instance. This assumes you have NodeJs installed. Installing NodeJs will automatically install npm which is what we use in this command to install sql-cli. Connect to SQL Server using the mssql command, followed by the username and password parameters.

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You can use it to create and manage databases, write queries, backup and restore databases, and more. SQL Server for Linux does have some limitations at least, in its initial release. SQL Server. Selecting the preferences. You can omit this parameter to have the container run in its own Terminal window.

This parameter allows you to name the container. To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Posted on Oct 13, AM.

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Page content loaded. Oct 13, AM in response to sarah. Visual Basic is a MS product that only runs on Windows. In order to use it on your Mac you would have to also run Windows on your Mac.

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Oct 13, AM. Not download and run on OS X. You can run Windows on your computer via Boot Camp or using virtualization software like Parallels. It is a development environment that uses C as the compiler language. XCode is a visual development environment, too. Jul 8, AM in response to sarah. In there, you will find available Objective-C I don't recommend it , and Swift, the new language for Apple development.

Swift is hands down the most amazing and fundamentally awesome programming language ever developed by mankind I can say this after cutting my teeth on Basic in , and programming ever since. Think C mixed with the clean-cut intuitiveness of Basic, but developed from scratch in modern times with modern programming practices. NET which I still develop in for many reasons. Jul 8, AM. Jan 6, PM in response to sarah. Jan 6, PM.

Download Visual Studio - Best Software & Apps

Jan 7, AM in response to sarah. The Mac version is Beta, but at least Microsoft is headed in the right direction - cross-platform. Jan 7, AM. Jun 18, AM. Sep 22, PM in response to l10over In response to l10over.

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This is Visual Studio Code , mentioned above. A very different Microsoft product than Visual Studio.

Installing and working Visual Studio 2017 for MacOS

It does not include a visual form developer. It's free and open-source. Sep 22, PM.